Commercial fraud is a problem that regrettably many companies are forced to encounter.

As a term in law a broad definition is the act of gaining advantage through the use of deception. Fraud occurring within the commercial sector can take a multitude of forms including bribery, corruption and extortion and may include other illegal acts such as false invoicing and fraudulent insurance claims.

Action against commercial fraud needs to be handled confidently yet swiftly in order to stop any further damaging effects of alleged illegal activity whilst securing any assets at risk.

The Connell Approach

It is an unfortunate reality of business that the exploration of commercial fraud occupies a significant proportion of casework for specialist commercial litigation solicitors such as Connell Associates.

Fraud cases elicit unique challenges for all parties pursuing a successful resolution to a serious problem. As client you need confidence in your legal team, the forensic collation of the casework and their legal expertise to present a vindicating argument.

Our practice will approach your case with alacrity and professionalism, responding personally to your telephone calls and taking ownership of each case.

The difficult and often complex nature of fraud investigation places greater responsibility on us to act in your best commercial interests and ensure the cost of pursuing the case is always proportional to the sums at risk or the gain via potential damages.