Debt Recovery

The recovery of business debt is effectively a process initiated with the raising of an invoice. Establishing a carefully detailed and understood system of early credit management is therefore an important means of avoiding subsequent problems.

By extension, recourse to litigation as a means of getting payment for goods or services should be seen as the final step in a credit management process where other methods have failed.

The heart of every debt is essentially a dispute over one party’s inability to pay or dispute with another. Since the prospect of recovering a debt is improved the earlier the action, time remains a critical factor in achieving a successful outcome.

The Connell Approach

Connell Associates understands that recovery of debt is an area of practice that benefits from ongoing consultancy in as much as legal advice and we are happy to advise clients both pre-and post-action.

The firm provides expert legal assistance and swift pre-emptive action, facilitating the recovery of sums both large and small. We are a decisive, professional and goal-orientated.

Many years experience within both the corporate and SME sectors is further realised to clients via solicitors personally available and responsive to your case.