Contract Disputes

A commercial contract is one transacted under law to ensure all parties involved are adequately protected.

Contract law deals with a substantial range of specialist applications, across many sectors - whether an individual shareholder to a major franchising agreement. This is an inherently complex area of law particularly if the terms of a contract are under dispute across multiple parties.

Typical dispute situations include the refusal to accept liability for breach of contract from one party. Legal administration of contracts that are under dispute requires precise measures to manage the situation and resolve the case as quickly as possible.

The Connell Approach

Our commitment to win cases is reflected in the robust and commercially astute actions we adopt to achieve the right results for our clients.

Furthermore our legal specialism enables Connell Associates to focus effectively on the task in hand.

And as we share your goal, plus the hunger to achieve it, we are a credible and formidable legal partner.

This approach proves most effective at dealing with the complex and often thorny nature of contract dispute cases and our track record in this area is exemplary.