Commercial Litigation

This is an area of law covering disputes between two or more businesses and is typically concerned with disagreement over money or assets. Commercial litigation however also covers a plethora of related issues such as misuse of intellectual property, fraud and abuses of trust.

It is worth distinguishing commercial litigation from business law which deals with the drafting of contracts and commercial agreements whereas the commercial litigation solicitor will pursue cases subsequent to this process.

As might be expected, the relative complexity of commercial litigation cases may range from straightforward debt recovery procedures to protracted and expensive suits between multiple parties. It is an aspect of litigation that demands particular attention to detail, speed of action and pragmatism.

The Connell Approach

Connell Associates' LLP specialism in this particular aspect of law is central to our pursuance of case work with speed, vigour and success.

The firm's proximity to the UK's fastest court is additionally advantageous to clients.

Experience informs us that decisive, early action often proves to be the key to successful dispute resolution, regardless of the scale of financial burden. We therefore welcome new enquiries and are glad to offer initial guidance without obligation to prospective clients.